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Check out the lead chapter, "Setting the Stage: What Do We Know about Boomers and What Does It Mean for Marketers?", written by Gerry Linda. 


Understanding the Boomers and Beyond Market

Published October, 2011 


Understanding the Boomers and Beyond Market Understanding the Boomers and Beyond Market



Understanding the Boomers and Beyond Market

This new Special Report, published by Selling to Seniors--the 50+ Marketing Report, zeros in on the aging Baby Boomer market and how it differs significantly from both older and younger generations--differences that have tremendous implications for Boomer marketers and companies that wish to successfully sell to this lucrative market.


In this insightful, nearly 100-page Special Report, noted senior market researcher Dr. Leslie Harris has assembled a wide range of thoughtful articles on what savvy marketers should know about the huge pool of aging and often affluent Boomers--some 77 million strong in the U.S. alone.


The book includes essays from some of the world's leading experts on the 50+ market, including: Adriane Berg, Brent Bouchez, Mark Gaylor, Gary Geyer, Steve Howard, Paul Johnson, Gerry Linda, Theodore Reed, Jerry Shereshewsky, Jane Singer and Dick Stroud as well as Dr. Harris.


Published October 2011


If you want to buy it, go to: https://www.cdpublications.com/store/236. The price is $39.00 for a downloaded PDF; add $5 if you want them to print it and mail it to you.