I'm pleased to announce a new book with co-editors, Bob Kaden and Mel Prince. LEADING EDGE MARKETING  RESEARCH: 21st Century Tools and Practices was published by Sage in November of  2011. This book expands on the last chapter of MORE Guerrilla Marketing Research and consists of chapters by global experts in the contemporary marketing research disciplines.  




New Roles for Marketing Researchers

 Ian Lewis, Director, Research Impact, Cambiar Consulting and Simon Chadwick, Editor and Chief, Research World, and Managing Partner, Cambiar Consulting

How research will change in the coming years

The future of research departments

The future of research suppliers

Defining the roles of the marketing researcher in the future

Career path Implications

Keys to a successful marketing research career



 Research ROI Analysis: a Powerful Tool for Marketers

 Diane Schmalensee, President, Schmalensee Partners and A. Dawn Lesh, President, A. Dawn Lesh, International, Executive Director, Center for Measurable Marketing, Stern School of Business, New York University

 Overview of ROI analysis

Assessing the value of investment in research

How to use research ROI as a decision tool

How to use ROI analysis as a marketing tool


Appendix I: Defining and computing traditional ROI


 Combining Data Mines and Attitude Research

 Paul Gurwitz, Ph.D., Managing Director, Renaissance Research & Consulting, Inc.

 Why combining attitudes with existing data mines is important

Approaches for combining existing data mines with survey data

Combining survey data with data mines to better predict behavior

Segmenting samples using both attitudes and behavior

The future for combining existing data from data mines with survey data


The 21st Century Development of Products: Where Customer Guidance Is Taking Us

 Howard R. Moskowitz, Ph.D. and Bert Krieger and Linda Ettinger Lieberman All of Moskowitz Jacobs, Inc.


Product testing grows up

Four themes shaping product development in the 21st century

New directions for modern and future product development research

Summing up


 Behavioral Economics – A Blueprint for New ‘Ah Ha’ Moments

 Crawford Hollingworth, President and Founder, The Behavioral Architects

 The world is getting faster and faster

Our lives have become much more complex and time-compressed

The demise of rational economic man

Behavioral change and behavioral economics

Choice architecture – new structures and tools


Framing - context is everything

Complicating choice architecture: some of the behavioral biases operating in everyday life

Behavioral economics and its application to the world of marketing

Brands and choice architecture

Applying behavioral economics to marketing

BE Market research case studies

BE informed research methodologies: thought starters



State-of-the-Science Market Segmentation: Making Results Actionable for Marketers

Kevin Clancy, Ph.D., Chairman, Copernicus and Ami Bowen, Vice president, Director, Corporate Communications, Copernicus

What good segmentation can do

What’s the holdup?

Recalibrating the profitability equation for the digital age

Take your mother’s advice

Activating your segmentation

State-of-the-science segmentation: a process you can believe in


Marketing Accountability: Understanding Performance and Drivers of Brand Success

William Pink, Ph.D., Partner, Client Solutions, Millward Brown and Phillip Herr, Senior Vice President, Millward Brown and Dorothy Fitch, Global Analyst, Millward Brown


Approaches to marketing accountability

What marketing activities are driving my sales, and by how much?

What marketing activities are supporting my brand over the long term?

Which media drive brands matrix, and how do various media work together?


Future challenges for ROI



 Taking Qualitative Research to the Next Level

 Judith Langer, President, Langer Qualitative and Sharon Dimoldenberg, Divisional Director, GfK Business & Technology

 Changes taking place in current qualitative research methodologies

New approaches in qualitative research

The rise of on line qualitative

Social media as a qualitative research tool

Mobile research as an approach to generating qualitative insights

New approaching to analyzing qualitative information


 Consumer Anthropology as a Framework for the Use of Ethnography in Market Research

 Jamie Gordon, VP Consumer Anthropology, Northstar Research Partners and Larry Irons, Ph.D., Principal, Customer Clues, LLC


Defining consumer anthropology in marketing research

Why consumer cultures matter

Customizing anthropological and ethnographic study approaches

The role of the researcher and marketing management in executing anthropological studies

The importance of effectively communicating study results

A best practice case history


Diving Deep: Using ZMET to Unearth Insights About Unconscious Consumer Thinking

Joseph Plummer, Ph.D., Columbia University and Senior Advisor, Olson Zaltman Associates and James Forr, Director, Olson Zaltman Associates and Dorothy Fitch, Global Analyst, Olson Zaltman Associates and Katje Bressette, Director, Olson Zaltman Associates

Deep consumer insights lead to Co-ownership of brands

Diving deep for insights

Historical roots for ZMET

ZMET methodology

ZMET analysis

Case study: Cisco


 Crowdsourcing and Consumer Insights

 Robin Pentecost, Ph.D., Lecturer, Griffith University and Mark Spence, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Bond University

 Defining crowdsourcing

The wisdom of crowds

An historical perspective on crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing as a unique research tool

How, when, and where to use crowdsourcing

Ethical and practical considerations



 Understanding Consumer Emotions: How Market Research Helps Marketers Engage With Consumers

 Alistair Gordon, Managing Partner, Gordon & McCallum Consultants

 Why understanding emotions is important to developing marketing strategies

Defining emotions in marketing

Surfacing both conscious vs. unconscious emotions

How marketers can utilize emotional responses

Emotions and emerging marketing trends

Better tools for measuring emotions

Deciding on the best emotional measures for the situation


 Neuroimaging and Marketing Research: Hook-up, Love Affair, or Happy Marriage?

 Sean Green, Ph.D., University of Buffalo, SUNY, SIM UB Programme and Neil Holbert, Ph.D., University of Buffalo, SUNY, SIM UB Programme


A history of public skepticism about marketing research

Why neuroimaging?

The most common neuroimaging techniques

The marketing--neuroscience relationship

The future of neuroimaging

Neuromarketing . . . So far, Conclusion

Appendix A: an overview of common neuroimaging and related terms and techniques

Appendix B: brain areas that have been linked to consumer behavior

Appendix C: in the neuroimaging room

Appendix D: a special interview with EmSense™ chief analytics officer, Elissa Moses


 Using Empathy and Narrative to Ignite Research

 Neil Gains, Ph.D., Founder, Tapestry Works

 The importance of empathy and narrative

Listening to understand

The rights and wrongs of listening

From data to stories

The craft of storytelling

Ten top tips for storytelling

The pay off

Closing Remarks


Standing Waves, Stasis, Contagion and Consumer Trends

J. Walker Smith, Ph.D., Global Executive Chairman, The Futures Company


Researching change

Standing waves

Fixed standing waves

Evolving standing waves

Discordant standing waves


Managing foresights



Mixed Methods in Marketing Research

Mel Prince, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, Southern Connecticut State University, and Mark A. P. Davies, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Marketing, Heriot-Watt University and Chris Manolis, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, University of Cincinnati and Susan Tratner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Empire State College, SUNY


Marketing research case applications of mixed methods

Case 1. Mixed methods research for an organic eggs market research study

Case 2. Mixed methods and brand personality research

Case 3. A mixed methods design for inter-organizational research

Concluding remarks


Improving a Firm’s Performance Using Advanced Analytical Insights

 Marco Vriens, Ph.D., Senior VP, The Modelers, LLC and David Rogers, Principal, ConvertClick, LLC

 What is advanced analytics and why do we need it?

The scope and impact of advanced analytics 

Quality execution = quality outcomes

Recent and future developments



Panel Online Survey and Research Quality

 Raymond Pettit, Ed. D., Vice President, Market Research, PRN Corporation

The problem

The foundations of the Quality Generative Model

What did we learn about multi-panel membership?

What did we learn about duplication?

Managerial implications



 RFID in Research: Nineteen Things You Can Do with RFID that You Couldn’t Do Before

 Mickey Brazeal, Associate Professor of Marketing, Roosevelt University

 A search engine for things

How RFID Works

Nineteen things you can do with RDID-based research that you couldn’t do before

What happens next?

How to get started


Is the Future in Their Hands? Mobile-Based Research Options and Best Practices

 Darren Mark Noyce, MMRS, MCIMA, Founder and Managing Director, SKOPOS Market Insight

 The current status of mobile-based marketing research

The opportunities and rationale

The 5 Rs that will drive mobile adoption and success

Obstacles, key challenges and limitations

The options

The outlook and future opportunities



 The Future of Marketing Research

 Robert Moran, EVP, Corporate and Public Affairs, Director of Product Marketing, StrategyOne Consulting

 Forces shaping the future of marketing research

Traditional marketing research vs. the emerging marketing research industry

The five great challenges for the future of marketing research

How to compete in the future

Creating the right development path for your future