Here's what our clients are saying...

Gerry made a significant contribution to the success of AstroTurf® Industries, Inc. He was intimately involved in creating, developing and executing the marketing plan, which turned our business from a marginally acceptable profit generator for Monsanto to one which is currently highly prized by the Corporation.”

President, AstroTurf® Industries

“Since 1997 Gerry has been providing marketing planning, marketing strategy and marketing research counsel and services to Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh both corporately and to each of our four individual museums—Carnegie Science center, Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural History and The Andy Warhol Museum. He was instrumental in developing the marketing planning model that we use. He has executed strategic and tactical research for each our museum entities. He has participated in planning retreats. He helped us hire a direct marketing agency. We continue to use his services because the work product is exceptional and the budgets are reasonable and never exceeded. Gerry has been an important resource for CMP and one that we intend to use for years to come.”

Vice President Marketing and Information Systems, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

“My impression of Gerry is that he is an accomplished master of marketing. I’ve known him as a teacher, speaker, researcher, consultant, trainer, director and principal in two companies including his current research and consulting firm. I am proud to say he excels in all areas.”

Valere Blair Potter Professor of Marketing, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University

“I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Gerry Linda in several marketing capacities since 1977. In every instance he has brought a broad, well-rounded understanding of marketing, research, business strategy and real world tactics to help solve complex business problems and issues.”

Western Director of Corporate Communications, AT&T Wireless Services

“Gerry Linda is a strong marketing professional, a solid businessman, a very capable writer and an impressive presenter.”

 Associate Dean, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University

“It is my sincere opinion that if you were looking for a solution to difficult marketing problems, you would have a hard time finding a more appropriate person than Mr. Linda to assign your business.”

Vice President, Regional Manage, Newspaper Advertising Bureau

“Gerry invariably approaches problems from a strategic and marketing perspective. Very often we found we were being forced to say what the client wanted to hear, rather than what needed to be said. To Gerry’s credit, he resisted that pressure, politely and kept doggedly to the fundamental marketing issues. Gerry has a lot of plain old ‘horse sense’ when it comes to marketing.”

Director of Communications, BorgWarner

“I found Gerry’s participation very productive for three reasons. Gerry has the intellectual capacity and insight to quickly assess the critical elements of a situation. Secondly, he is a concise and effective communicator, who adheres to the principal of offering constructive alternatives when he is in disagreement. As important is his willingness to recommend a dissenting point of view in a firm but diplomatic manner.”

 Director of Marketing, New Product Development,  The R. T. French Company

“Gerry is a serious student of marketing, who is able to put his knowledge to practical use. I have seen him perform as a research director, marketing plan author, developer of marketing strategies, department manager, senior corporate officer, as well as speech maker and article writer. He has succeeded at all.”

Executive Vice President, Managing Director, HCM Advertising