“Some companies are hiring interim executive talent to fill gaps created by retiring baby boomers while they search for permanent replacements. Others are  turning to temporary help to sustain a business following a sudden departure.  And, they say, the strategy has become particularly valuable in recent months  because faraway recruits are taking longer to relocate due to the depressed  housing market.” (Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, May 13, 2008, P. D6.)

“Demand for interim managers is at an all time high. … growth is being driven  by a combination of talent shortages, constraints on permanent managers’ time and the need for wisdom and experience, notably in high growth companies fueled by private equity.” (Financial Times, Tuesday, July 31, 2007, P. 10.)

What Does an Interim Marketing Executive Do?

The interim marketing executive acts in a temporary consulting assignment as the or one of the senior marketing managers in an organization. He assumes either overall marketing management responsibility or accountability for a specific marketing sub-function or for a significant project.

When Is an Interim Marketing Executive Needed?

  • The current marketing leader is absent, e.g., illness, pregnancy/child birth,family leave, or any extended absence
  • A job search for a new marketing leader is underway, but marketing must continue during the exploration
  • The volume of marketing work exceeds the current organization’s ability to manage it properly
  • The organization has not yet developed the need for a full-time, high level marketing professional, but it needs proficient expertise now
  • The value derived from a senior consultant on a project or retained basis (who doesn’t require insurance, benefits, vacation, etc.) is greater than the value derived from a less experienced, full-time employee.

What Kinds of Activities May Be Involved?

  • Create or continue the marketing strategy
  • Develop formal marketing plans
  • Execute all or part of the marketing plan with hands-on actions
  • Analyze sales and extant research data to formulate tactics
  • Plan and execute new marketing research
  • Create Press Releases, execute other PR activities
  • Direct product development
  • Oversee marketing communications planning and execution
  • Evaluate/update website messaging/positioning and functionality
  • Write presentations/clarify management’s vision/direction
  • Develop/polish sales letters
  • Manage trade show participation
  • Hire and/or supervise outside agents, e.g., PR, advertising, direct response, digital, designers, exhibit developers, etc.
  • Support internal teams, supervise employees
  • Create and manage budgets
  • A special service for start-ups is the preparation of the marketing document that “surrounds” the private offering or IPO

Why Gerald Linda & Associates?

Gerry Linda has exceptional experience:

  • Co-founder and Director of Client Services at an integrated marketing communications agency
  • Number two executive at a Top-Fifty marketing research firm
  • Marketing Director at a Top-Twenty accounting firm
  • And, for the past 17 years, head of a marketing consultancy

Gerald Linda & Associates currently provides clients with Interim  Marketing Executive services; we are in the game.

  • A six year old IL toy company for whom we have acted as its Marketing Director since its inception. We went from zero to one million units sold around the world with 20 awards for product excellence in three years. The number of awards is now 50 and we license with Who's Who in the industry. Not bad.
  • An 18 year old FL exterior building maintenance company for whom we direct marketing planning, advertising, direct mail, website evolution, creation of sales letters, and offer general marketing and business counsel. Alone among its competitors, this company now has a unique  marketing position: “Our Profession Is Making You Look Good.”
  • The Chicago Lighthouse (for people who are blind or visually impaired). We are proud to be providing broad, hands-on, ongoing marketing counsel to this 106 year old, superb social service agency.
  • We serve as start-up Marketing Director for, which is currently in its alpha test period.
  • And we have provided marketing counsel and services to literally dozens of other organizations.

How Are We Compensated?

The method of compensation should not be an impediment to doing business together. While a negotiated fee per hour of work plus any expenses will usually be part of any compensation agreement, the  following methods, individually or in combination, are also possible:

  • Project-based fees
  • Deferred payment
  • Exchange of stock and/or options
  • Barter of goods or services


 Q.   Why should I pay for your learning curve while you come up to speed on my business?

A.   While it is unlikely we will ever be as knowledgeable about your business as you, experience has taught us that the expertise we have in marketing is nearly universally applicable. While all industries and companies are unique, they also actually have much in common with most other industries and most other companies. Just as a rose is a rose is a rose, good marketing is good marketing is good marketing. 

A.   Having noted the preceding, we understand we need to be productive from day one. The Financial Times identified the critical qualities for successful completion of interim assignments. Included are “ability to learn and adapt, intellectual restlessness, resilience, and intuition.” To which we say: “Yup, that’s us.”

Q.   Do you have expertise in my industry?

A.    In many cases the answer is “yes.” That’s because our principal has spent most of his career in service industries (advertising agencies and marketing consulting) that cut across the economy. Equally or perhaps even more important is that we have faced and solved a myriad of marketing problems. So chances are good we are familiar with your situation.

Q.   Can I try your services without making a big commitment?

A.   Yes, of course; such an arrangement is to our mutual benefit. We usually recommend a small project that can be accomplished  quickly. This way we both see whether there is a fit.

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