Gerald Linda & Associates is a general marketing consultancy with a special expertise in marketing communications and research. The firm aids Clients with Branding development/assessment, new product development, and marketing strategy, planning and research services including internal explorations among employees, advisors, boards and the like. We also execute Public Relations programs, create/write--white papers, speeches, presentations, new business pitches, brochures, sales letters, web copy, articles, books, etc.

Because our skill set is so obviously broad, we also serve middle-market, not-for-profit and start-up clients as their senior marketing officer on an interim basis. And for small, micro and SOHO businesses we act as a Marketing Coach.

We sum all this up by saying we Add Fuel to Your Marketing Engine!TM


GL&A assists advertising and public relations agencies in their new business efforts by gathering and analyzing marketing information, developing communications strategies, understanding/creating brand personalities and writing new business presentations. The firm also will develop new business systems for agencies and train employees in how to operate the system once it is developed.

The firm also provides agencies with account planning and general research services for existing accounts.


Separately, because of our expertise in agency operations and training, Gerald Linda & Associates occassionaly conducts agency searches for Clients. The process usually involves establishing the appropriate criteria to match the communications needs, gathering information about potential agencies, arranging for agency visits and/or presentations, designing an equitable and reasonably objective evaluation system that is fair to all parties. We will also provide guidance in the development of compensation systems.


Custom marketing research is another core service of the firm. When the emphasis is on what the data mean and what the appropriate marketing response should be, Clients turn to Gerald Linda & Associates. The firm’s expertise encompasses complete research designs, management of data collection and full analysis employing the appropriate statistical tools and procedures. Information alone, however, is without impact; it’s the interpretation of information that provides leverage. GL&A excels at providing meaningful and insightful analyses. We are marketing consultants, who use research and our broad marketing experience to help make management decisions. We believe this differentiates us from others.

In addition, GL&A has a special expertise in qualitative research. Its principal is a well-known moderator who, on several occassions, has taught the qualitative research portion of the American Marketing Association’s School of Marketing Research.

GL&A has also created a proprietary qualitative research system to aid in the understanding and development of brand personalities. We also lead ideation and other facilitated group decision-making processes. The firm also conducts communications and corporate climate audits within organizations.


GL&A will develop complete, formal marketing plans primarily for middle market, smaller and not-for-profit Clients and help execute them. Often this process will begin with a marketing audit which assesses the firm’s current activities. The goal is to look at the market through the Client’s eyes and to look at the Client through the market’s eyes.

The plan is developed out of a facilitated series of meetings so that senior executives both help to create the blueprint and feel a sense of ownership. The plan itself also contains action steps so that it becomes the basis for corporate behavior and does not end up as a mere lifeless document on a shelf.

Listening is different than waiting until another person is finished talking.

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