In the course of his career, Gerry Linda, president of GL&A, has authored many articles. Reprints are available for the asking. Drop us a note and indicate the article number or title and your return address and we'll send you a copy.

1. Advertising Research: The Academic vs. Practitioner Viewpoints (Midwest Business Administration Association)
2. An Agency Perspective on Shortcomings and Problems with Fieldwork Organizations (Marketing News)
3. A New Product Quote-ient (Business Edge)
4. Beyond media Imperatives: Geodemographic Media Selection (Journal of Advertising Research)
5. Brand Personality: What’s New and Not So New (Institute for Food Technologists)
6. Copytesting Potpourri (Marketing and Media Decisions)
7. Focus groups: A New Look at an Old Friend (Marketing and Media Decisions)
8. How to Develop a Winning Brand Personality-Part I (Talking to the Boss)
9. How to Develop a Winning Brand Personality–Part II (Talking to the Boss)
10. How to Hire an Agency (Business Edge)
11. How to tell If You Have a Marketing Problem (Talking to the Boss)
12. Importance of Marketing Strategy (The Norbic Network)
13. Marketing During Uncertain Times (Talking to the Boss)
14. Marketing While Standing on One Foot (Business Edge)
15. Multiple Brand Analysis of Expectation and Disconfirmation Effects on Satisfaction (Association for Consumer research)
16. Multiple Criteria Effects in a Mail Survey (Journal of Marketing Research)
17. New Research Works on Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction Model (Marketing News)
18. Positioning: a Strategic Marketing Tool (Business Edge)
19. The Effect of Changing Lifestyles on the Marketing of Food (Institute for Food Technologists)
20. The Effect of Satisfaction and Its Antecedents on Consumer Preference and Intention (Association for Consumer research)
21. The Laws of Marketing (Gorman New Products Conference)
22. The Qualitative/Quantitative Interface (American Marketing Association School for Marketing Research)
23. Those Test Defying Goods—Durable Goods Test Marketing Pose Special Problems (Advertising Age)
24. What Is Geodemography? (Talking to the Boss)


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