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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Reviews Are In!
Reviews of MORE Guerrilla Marketing Research 

“The authors have crafted a masterpiece that should be carefully digested by new and seasoned marketing executives alike. Through interweaving numerous examples of when and where marketing research is appropriate, this book will sharpen your thinking about the important role marketing research should serve in your organization. Highly recommended.” -- James Leigh, Texas A & M University, Co-Editor, Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising

This compelling book will take readers on a fascinating journey through one of the most misunderstood and under-utilized marketing techniques. The secrets unveiled and the tips offered will benefit the most skeptical business owner, manager or entrepreneur.” --
Fresh Business Thinking Review

“When companies get in a financial jam, one of the departments they often reduce or ditch altogether is marketing and marketing research. That’s almost always a bad move, especially now in this time of revolutionary change.

'Market research is often overlooked because it’s erroneously considered too expensive and theoretical to produce useful results,’ said Robert Kaden, co-author of MORE Guerrilla Marketing Research with Gerald Linda and Jay Conrad Levinson.
‘When business owners have a tough decision to make, customers and prospects should be asked for advice. Armed with that information and more, guerrilla marketers then tend to be nimble and creative,’ Kaden and Linda write. Examples? Well how about Virgin, Jet Blue and Walmart? The authors say they were launched with guerrilla marketing tactics and employ them still.” -- North County Times

“Writing for business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, and students, . . .the authors describe how to conduct secondary research, focus groups, surveys, qualitative and quantitative research, research into emotions, and customer satisfaction research, as well as how to set a research budget, write questionnaires, sample and organize data, use statistical techniques, and put results into action.” --
The Free Library

"Thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses suffer from not understanding their customers. They don't what they are doing right that causes customers to come to them. And, importantly, they don't know why customers choose to shop a competitor instead. MORE Guerrilla Marketing Research solves that problem by teaching business people to ask the right questions the right way and use the answers to make more money. . . .you will come to understand why consumer emotions and feelings are more important to your growth than ever before. And, you will learn what the future holds for the industry and how you can be among the first to benefit from embracing 21st century marketing research approaches.”--
Blog Talk Radio

 “. . . differs from many other marketing research texts in that basic methods are explained in a nontechnical style that emphasizes their purpose and usefulness rather than the details of operation. Inserting the term "guerilla" in the title implies agility in utilizing unusual or creative approaches in the application of marketing research procedures. Although this publication could benefit those who wish to conduct research on their own, it would be particularly helpful to those who need to understand the basics in order to interact meaningfully with persons or firms conducting the actual research. This volume would also be helpful to managers who require an understanding of marketing research and its place in an organization, for example, to establish budgets or to allocate resources. The authors bring their many years of research experience to their presentation, thus providing practical insights as well as a hands-on guide to marketing research. Examples and tables help to illustrate points made in the text. The final chapter on the future of marketing research is interesting.  . . .Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections. -- W. C. Struning, emeritus, Seton Hall University 209, CHOICE Magazine
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