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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It Looks Like Fall Outside, But It Should Be 2009 Inside
The calendar says it's early Fall, but readers should already be starting to plan for 2009. Take out last year's marketing and marcom plans. You already should know what worked and what didn't. Start now rethinking strategy and positioning; review those customer value propositions.  Execute the research that will power you into next year. Remember, if you have no goals, then any path will take you there.

Happy to report we are now offering Interim Marketing Leadership services to new client, Epoch. Epoch is an upscale, non-retail, modern floral design firm that specializes in cut flower designs (not live plants). This is no mere flower shop. Their designs are amazing!

On a personal note: just yesterday attended a day long program offered by Chicago Innovations and Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Great day! I'm up to date on some of the latest thinking on marketing and innovation and will be happy to share.

Finally, want you to know the book I'm co-authoring with Bob Kaden, More Guerrilla Marketing Research, is coming a long nicely. Should be available early next year.
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