Listed below are some of the key services provided by Gerald Linda & Associates along with a reason why firms consider them.

INTERIM MARKETING EXECUTIVE---because you need marketing now and that fact isn't changed by the temporary absence (e.g., illness, pregnancy, family leave, etc.) of a CMO or thinking you cannot afford a full-time leader.

MARKETING COACH---because you'll miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

MARKETING STRATEGY---because we have a pragmatic tool to determine what ideas to put into whose head vs. what competition with what effect.

MARKETING PLANNING---lest you act like those who, having lost sight of their goals, redoubled their efforts (with apologies to Peter Drucker).

MARKETING RESEARCH---because it's the only insurance you can buy to diminish the risk of making a bad decision.

BRAND PERSONALITY---because you already have one. Do you know what it is? Is it helping you achieve marketing goals?

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION---because it's more complex than it seems. It's really a post-consumption evaluation of performance in comparison to expectations as modified by affect.

PRIZM and VALS---because geographic, demographic and lifestyle data on your customers are already in the computer; we just need to set them free.

AGENCY SEARCHES---because hope may be a wonderful companion, but it's a terrible guide in finding and hiring advertising, PR and DM agencies. Don't go it alone.

                                                    "The plural of anecdote is data." Ben Wattenberg

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